Slovak literature

Jozef Cíger-Hronský, Jozef MakThere were various works of Slovak literature translated to Dutch, since the publishing of the first Dutch translation of “Jozef Mak” from the  Slovak author Jozef Cíger-Hronský in 1945. The latest translations to Dutch were done by Abram Muller and include: In the name af the Father by Balla (2013), Rudolf Sloboda’s Rozum (2015), and The Grave and 13 other storiesby various authors (2016). They can be bought via these links:

The grave and another 13 stories
In the name of the father

The next translation is in preparation. It will be a bundle of two novels by Peter Pišťanek: Mladý Dônč en Neva.

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